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A set of iPhone wallpapers with painful truths about iPhones [smart phone users in general] themselves, by Nico Ordozgoiti.

And then people wonder why #Siri started ignoring most of us!! Hilarious!!!

i was floored in the end! LOL!!

One of the creepiest moments in Space Odyssey, HAL9000’s slow shutdown. Does it sound familiar?

Since we’re on a Siri hype, let’s try to keep things away from this case scenario xD

How long does it take for a dream to come true?

According to Apple, around 20 years..

Here’s the kicker, though. Andy Baio of noted, “The date on the professor’s calendar is September 16, and he’s looking for a 2006 paper written ‘about five years ago,’ setting the year as 2011.” September 16th, 2011. So, twenty-four years ago Apple predicted that there would be a magical, touchscreen device, that could do video calls, that would have a digital assistant you could interact with, and that would pull down data from a massive network (*cough* TheCloud *cough*)… and they were only eighteen days off? That’s fucking crazy.